Candidates holding a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree

Candidates holding a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in any major subject relevant to the Graduate School are eligible to apply for the MSc CE programme at the Study Centre CE of TU Darmstadt. In a second step, during their first year of study at the Study Centre CE, they are welcome to apply at the Graduate School CE (requirements please find below “Application modalities for entering the Graduate School CE”). I.e., accepted candidates finally enter the Graduate School CE in their second master year (winter or summer term possible).

The whole MSc CE programme is performed accordingly to the curriculum of the Study Centre CE. In addition, those candidates accepted at the Graduate School CE already start working on their PhD project during their second MSc year, without the need for writing a final master thesis.

Summarized modalities for entering the MSc study programme in CE:

  • All applications for the MSc CE study programme from abroad have to be placed at the International Office of TU Darmstadt. Please observe the relevant application deadlines and required German language certificates stated there
  • General questions concerning admission for studying at TU Darmstadt may also be addressed to the Registrar's Office.
  • Additional information concerning requirements for admission to the master study programme in CE may be found at the website of the Study Centre CE (page available in German only).

Candidates holding a Master of Science (MSc) degree

Candidates holding an excellent Master degree in any major subject related to Computational Engineering are eligible to apply for admission to the Graduate School directly. In this case, no application deadlines exist. During the PhD phase, English is the main language.

All applications (BSc and MSc graduates) are examined and decided by the Board of Deans. Additional qualifying requirements might be imposed for the candidates.

Application modalities for entering the Graduate School CE

The following application materials are required:

  • Completed online application form (signed by hand)
  • Statement of Purpose: this statement should give the applicant’s motivation why she/he intends to attend the Graduate School. The letter should include future goals and aspirations of the applicants as well as the manner in which the Graduate School could assist to achieve their ambitious individual aims.
  • Curriculum vitae including personal data, a current photo, work experience, full academic background, computer knowledge, language and soft skills
  • Master and Bachelor transcripts and diploma, further important transcripts
  • Certificates about language skills (not obligatory)
  • Letter of recommendation (opens in new tab) (at least two, preferably of professors from different departments; use of the form below is mandatory)

Please make sure to apply with complete documents within one single email to (pdf files only, separate file for each document, clearly named!) or via regular mail to the address stated in the right margin.

The online application form and the letters of recommendation (opens in new tab) have to be signed by hand.