Research at the Graduate School of Excellence CE

The Graduate School focuses on the following Key research areas (K1–K3) which represent current challenges in CE and which concern well established interdepartmental research topics at TU Darmstadt:

  • Modelling and simulation of coupled multi-physical problems
  • Simulation based optimisation
  • Hierarchical multi-scale modelling and simulation

Additionally, Cross-sectional areas (C1–C4) of research have been formulated to address more general topics mainly from the field of computer science. For example, using High-performance computing techniques like parallel programming forms an integral part of treating and solving problems in the field of CE.

To foster scientific exchange within the Graduate School the key areas have been further segmented into nine Research Foci (R1–R9). Because of their interdisciplinary character each of them contains methodological components of all key areas. The research foci are defined either based on methods or on (engineering) applications focused on.

Furthermore, several Demonstrative Applications (D1–D3) have been introduced. They form a fertile basis for identifying and developing strongly coupled research projects, which lead to interdisciplinary cooperation in a natural way.