Award for Jonas Bundschuh


Researcher Jonas Bundschuh from theQuince research group at theTEMF Institute was awarded with the COMPEL Best Paper Award for a Young Researcher at the EPNC conference for presenting his research paper “Continuum Models and Analytical Solutions for Foil Windings”.

The27th Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits (EPNC 2022) was held in Hamburg at the end of June this year. At the symposium, recent advances in the fields of analysis, synthesis, optimization and inverse problems in nonlinear electromagnetics are presented. Jonas Bundschuh convinced the jury of the COMPEL Best Paper Award for a Young Researcher with his presentation on the development of simulation methods for foil winding problems. Mr. Bundschuh is a research associate in the research group “Quasistatics in Computational Engineering (QuinCE)” led by Dr.-Ing. Yvonne Späck-Leigsnering at the Institute for Particle Acceleration and Electromagnetic Fields (TEMF) of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert De Gersem. In his work, he deals with modelling and simulation of magnetoquasistatic foil windings.

Foil windings are widely used in electrotechnical devices, such as chokes or transformers. The investigation and rapid prototyping of foil windings with standard finite element (FE) simulations becomes very costly due to the extremely thin windings. To avoid unmanageably large FE meshes, a continuum model for foil windings with thin foils and an adapted FE solver can be used. The authors have now succeeded in developing analytical solutions for continuum models. This is a valuable tool for the development of foil winding applications, as it enables an extremely fast evaluation of prototypes using simulation.

Jonas Bundschuh's work is supported by DFG project 436819664 and the Graduate School Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt.