Open PhD Theses


Open PhD Theses

Below you find descriptions of open PhD theses within the Graduate School. They are ordered according to the Research Foci (R1-R9) and the Cross-sectional Areas (C1-C4). For each thesis you can download a PDF page which provides a short overview of the project and lists the supervisors.

General requirements for working on a PhD project are:

  • a keen interest in exploring challenging research problems in the specific area,
  • very high dedication to the job and creativity in problem solving,
  • good English language skills.

Further subject related requirements may be stated within the description of the PhD thesis.

Research Foci

R1) Multirate and multiscale methods

R2) Optimal control

R3) Discrete-continuous and global optimization

R4) Uncertainty quantification

R5) Combustion

R6) Multiphase flows

R7) Multiphysics applications

R8) Material modeling

R9) Communication systems

Cross-sectional Areas

C1) Visualization and simulated reality

C2) High-performance computing techniques

C3) Verification and validation

C4) Software engineering concepts