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New MultiCPU “Ifen” at GSC CE


With the new MultiCPU System “Ifen” we have a worthy successor for Texas. The great benefits of a MultiCPU System by comparison to a cluster system is the fast connection between the cores and the direct access to the whole Memory. This will allow calculations with low CPU usage but immense usage of memory.

“Ifen” is in operation since 22.Nov 2018 and will be available for all GSC Students after a short testing phase. The new system is located in the HLR building at Lichtwiese, next to the Lichtenberg-Cluster. This new location will provide a continuously perfect surrounding for “Ifen” and all our other compute nodes like “Texas” and the GPU-Nodes.

The procedure to get access to the new System will be the same as for Texas (internal link).

Some technical details:

CPU: 16x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8160 CPU @ 2.10GHz, 192 Cores (no Hyper-threading)

Memory: 1.5 TB

Disk-Space: 11TB /work

Software: gcc (OpenMP), intel Compiler (OpenMP), openmpi – with gcc and intel Compiler, Matlab, Mathematica

Where does the name “Ifen” come from?

“Hoher Ifen” (Wikipedia Link) is a mountain in Kleinwalsertal quite close to the guest houses of TU Darmstadt and University of Frankfurt.

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