CE Seminar

Together with the Computational Engineering Research Center of the TU Darmstadt a joint seminar with interesting talks in the field of CE is organized in every semester. If you are interested in these seminars and would like to receive invitations please subscribe for the corresponding mailing list.


Multigrid methods for structured grids on large-scale supercomputers

Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for the Robust Optimization of Systems Described by Partial Differential Equations

Towards Flexible Antenna Measurements and Field Transformations in Arbitrary Environments

On high Reynolds number flows, pressure-robustness and high-order methods

Are your scientific applications ready for evolving HPC systems?

Isogeometric Design Optimization of Nonlinear 3D Beam Structures for Multi-material 3D Printing

From Amdahl’s Law to Memory-Wall: How do we utilize memory systems in the big data era?

Similar Size of Slum – An Eigenvalue independent of City, Country and Culture

Linearization of the nonlinear eigenvalue problem

MSO for steel production and manufacturing

Unconventional numerical frameworks for the simulation of coupled bulk-interface problems

Large-Scale Sparse Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation

High Performance Block Incomplete LU Factorization

Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin methods in fluid dynamics with moving geometries

Particle Methods in Bounded Domains

Uncertainty quantification for partial differential equations on random domains

A systems guy's view of quantum computing