CE Seminar

Together with the Computational Engineering Research Center of the TU Darmstadt a joint seminar with interesting talks in the field of CE is organized in every semester. If you are interested in these seminars and would like to receive invitations please subscribe for the corresponding mailing list.


Waveform Relaxation on Circuit Differential-Algebraic Equations: A Topological Convergence Criterion

Mobile technology for production-ready high-performance computing systems: The path of the Mont-Blanc project

Coupled Simulations of Electric Arcs for Switching Devices with MpCCI and ANSYS

Bunch trains in the Linac Coherent Light Source

Towards pressure-robust mixed methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Efficient calculation of spectral bounds for Hessian matrices on hyperrectangles

Bayesian subset simulation

Numerical approximation of charged particle motion in magnetic quadrupoles

A Study of Dynamic Loop Scheduling Algorithms on Modern Manycore Architectures

NVM and HPC – Is there a use case?

Parallel-in-Time Integration with PFASST

Numerical Simulations of Insect Flight in Heavy Turbulence