CE Seminar

Together with the Computational Engineering Research Center of the TU Darmstadt a joint seminar with interesting talks in the field of CE is organized in every semester. If you are interested in these seminars and would like to receive invitations please subscribe for the corresponding mailing list.


Efficient strategies to reduce the memory footprint and CPU usage in parallel Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent combustion with large flamelet-based chemistry tables

Hierarchische Matrizen: ein universelles Konzept zur Behandlung elektromagnetischer Probleme

Adjoint Methods for Efficient Optimization and Control in CFD and CAA

Model-Order Reduction for Nonlinear Eddy Current Problems via Quadratic-Bilinear Modeling

Performance Analysis for the Exascale Era: From Measurements to Insights

Development of a discontinuous Galerkin method for variable viscosity Stokes problems: Applications in geodynamics

Software-Defined & High-Fidelity Visualization

A Plane Wave Virtual Element Method for the Helmholtz Problem

High Performance Scientific Computing @cs.pub.ro

Problem-suited numerical methods for some complex flows

Software-Defined & High-Fidelity Visualization

H-matrix accelerated second moment analysis for potentials with rough correlation

Energy stable integration of Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard equations

Fast Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Boundary Integral Equations

Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines in Fluid Flow Simulations

Multirate Simulation by the MPDE technique for Radio Frequency Circuits