CE Seminar

Together with the Computational Engineering Research Center of the TU Darmstadt a joint seminar with interesting talks in the field of CE is organized in every semester. If you are interested in these seminars and would like to receive invitations please subscribe for the corresponding mailing list.


Control of Conservation Laws using a Relaxation Approximation

Optimierung bei Partiellen Differentialgleichungen

PDE-constrained optimal control problems with pointwise inequality constraints

Optimal control of Maxwell's equations and its applications

A Numerical Algorithm for Advancing Slow Features in Fast-Slow Systems without Scale Separation – A Young Measure Approach

Analysis, Simulation und Mehrskalenansätze zur Feld/Netzwerk-Kopplung

Parametrische Modellordnungsreduktion für die Finite-Elemente-Approximation linearer zeitinvarianter Systeme

Modelling and Simulation of Electrostimulating Implants in Bio-systems

Computational Methods for the Maxwell Eigenvalue Problem at Optical Frequencies

Design und Optimierung der Dämpfungsmaßnahmen für strahlinduzierte Felder der CERN-SPL Studie

From Analytical to Numerical Methods and Back: Trefftz Schemes, Whitney Forms, and Optical Magnets

Isogeometric Finite Elements

Influence of walls on transport and mixing in two-dimensional turbulence

Modeling of Flows with Interfaces

Theory and numerical simulations of wave generation in atomization using the volume of fluid method

Direkte Simulation von kompressiblen Mehrphasenströmungen

Parameteridentifikation und optimale Steuerung bei partiellen Differentialgleichungen

Konvergenz und Optimalität adaptiver Finite Elemente Verfahren