CE Seminar

Together with the Computational Engineering Research Center of the TU Darmstadt a joint seminar with interesting talks in the field of CE is organized in every semester. If you are interested in these seminars and would like to receive invitations please subscribe for the corresponding mailing list.


Transient Electromagnetic Field Coupling with an Airborne Vehicle in the Presence of its Conducting Exhaust Plume

Monaural and binaural beamforming for hearing aids

Turbulence transition in shear flows: What can we learn from pipe flow?

Cognition: The Enabler of New Generation of Engineering Systems

Mapping and Exploration for Search and Rescue with Humans and Mobile Robots

Extrahieren verborgener Strukturen aus Daten mit latenten Variablen

Scientific Computing on Multi-GPU Systems

Interactive Texture-based Flow Visualization

Simulation der Notwasserung von Verkehrsflugzeugen

Model predictive control of flows

Excitation-Adaptive FDTD Scheme Design by the Method of Undetermined Coefficients for Specified Spectral Orders of Accuracy

Some recent results in cooperative wireless relaying

Implicit LES: Theory and Application

Beiträge zu Spektral-Elemente-Methoden und Anwendungen in der Strömungsmechanik

A Hybrid Optimization Scheme Combining Pattern Search and Gaussian Process

On the Manifold-Mapping Technique for Optimization Problems with Partial Differential Equation Constraints

Numerical Investigations for an Extension of FDTD on Tetrahedral Grids

Computability and Computational Complexity of/in Physical Theories

Understanding anisotropic mesh adaptation from the perspective of uniform meshes in a metric space: Theory and applications

Simulation of microelectronic structures using potentialfieldsolving and optimal parameter setting methods

Time Domain Electromagnetic Algorithms and Their Application to Photonics

Discontinuous-Galerkin-Verfahren für instationäre Wellen- und Diffusionsprobleme